Zoe Meagher

An Abandoned Space Museum

Astrojet was an after-dark performance that commemorated Melbourne’s forgotten Astrojet Space Centre. Ambitious but short-lived, the museum was built in the early 1970s. Envisioned as ‘a window to the Space Age’, it incorporated exhibition spaces, shops and a cinema, but closed after three short years. Forty years on, the building still stands.

Part bus tour, part audio guide, Astrojet took us on an eerily familiar expedition to the building’s secret location. With projections, live performance and a disco-infused soundtrack, artist Zoe Meagher guided us to a resurrected Space Centre and illuminated its ill-fated history. Paying homage to 70s sci-fi and defeated Space Age optimism, Astrojet memorialised failure and invited us to consider our own monumental disappointments.

Wednesday 20th August 2014


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