Durational Lattes

Field Theory

Around 40 meetings were scheduled across one week. The aim of the meetings was to generate discussion and further awareness about the term live art – what it was and how it was currently being expressed in Australia. Two teams of ‘performers’ were driven between back-to-back appointments with a range of ‘cultural leaders’ ranging from the Chair of the Museum of Contemporary Art to pub owners to school children.  Obliged to drink coffee during each discussion, wear a loud shirt and measure every meeting space, the process became an increasingly highly-strung parody of administration and endurance performance that gently subverted the expectations of both the artists and the appointee. Each meeting was blogged on LALA (Live Art List Australia) and the meeting space was mapped onto the floor of a central hub in a large theatre bay at Performance Space.

At the end of the week the public was invited to attend a live event at performance space that involved leading audience members through the network of outlined offices. Texts and stories gathered at the meetings were recounted, forming a complex collage of view-points, gossip and narratives around the issue in question.

Friday 21st November 2014


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