Third in a trilogy of site-specific broadcasts.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| As many of you would know Cafe Romantica is like a lounge room for the owners. With the news that a member of the Romantica Family is in intensive care we have decided to postpone our broadcast till the end of the year. We look forward to you joining us then. Our thoughts are with Grace, Gabe and Dominque at this time. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

After living  in an abandoned stadium and broadcasting for six days from a market, Field Theory return with a non-stop Broadcast from Brunswick’s 24 hr Cafe Romantica. This 30 year old venue will play host to five artists who will refuse to leave their cafe table. Ordering endless food and continuously live broadcasting, Field Theory will challenge themselves to stay on air – and at the table – as long as humanly possible.

Cafe Romantica has become a cultural institution, filled with men playing dominos, 5am coffees, 3am home brews and where muslim women’s collectives and queer Italian groups meet on the same day. Run by a tight knit- family, Romantica has held Eurovision parties, record launches and wakes. In a suburb ripe with gentrification, this (extremely) long conversation will uncover opinions on romance, tortellini, high-rise apartments, crime and debaucherous late-night scenes.

Friday 24th November - Tuesday 29th November 2050
This begins Friday at 2pm and finishes when the last person can no longer perform.

  • We will not leave Cafe Romantica for the duration of the broadcast.
  • We will only leave our table to go to the bathroom or interview customers.
  • We will only consume food and drinks from Cafe Romantica.
  • We will only talk about content relating to Cafe Romantica and its surrounds.
  • Napping is allowed as long as it is at the table.
  • We will only talk to people inside Cafe Romantica.
  • Once a performer taps out, they cannot come back.
  • The broadcast will finish when the last person can no longer perform.


Performers | Jason Maling, Lara Thoms, Martyn Coutts, Anna Schoo, Jackson Castiglione.
Production support | Asha Bee Abraham and Coco Boyd Reid.
This project is supported by the Victorian Government, through Creative Victoria and financially assisted by Moreland City Council Community Grants program.