Lara Thoms + Jason Maling

throughout the year Jason and Lara visited most of the Expos Melbourne has to offer. They learnt about quilting holidays on cruise ships, scarification and dog hair. Exposition was their own carefully curated expo representing the breadth and depth of these niche events. The project revealed some of the most specific and feted elements in the tattoo industry, the cosplay community and the scrumble network. Exposition was both a social sculpture and an exclusive tour of the edges of expos, placed within Australia’s leading commercial art expo, The Melbourne Art Fair.

In collaboration with Thrill The Cosplay magazine, Fredd Briggs, Anton Venoir Antiques, Dead Cherub – Mat Rogers, Prudence Mapstone and The Astroscan2000. Royal Exhibition Building, Balcony as part of the MAF Edge, ‘Social Capital’ curated by Jacqueline Doughty.


Sunday 10th August - Saturday 16th August 2014


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