Final Visions – Bunker


Final Visions – Bunker

Field Theory are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best, and when it all goes down they want to be ready. Treating ACCA as an inner city survival bunker, the collective will be stocking and skilling up for the duration of the Greater Together Exhibition. A section of the gallery will be converted into a Melbourne-centric survivalist storeroom and every second Saturday Field Theory will be hosting a program of live interviews and workshops with a selection of Melbourne’s special interest clubs. They’ll be asking groups like the Anarchist club, Oz Preppers, the Yarn Spinners, the Medievalist society, the Foragers and the Astronomers, what’s going to happen, what do we need, and are we really Greater Together?

In a time of major geopolitical change where anxiety pervades many dimensions of our lives, we see hope in the diverse array of associations and societies that continue to function as a social glue. They are rich sources of exchange where are explored, skills developed and important questions are raised.

Part Of Greater Together at ACCA curated by Annika Kristensen

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Wednesday 19th July - Sunday 17th September 2017