Kids Vs Art: Wired Open Day 2017

This time we're going to the country!

Kids Vs Art is a podcast series created by Field Theory involving 8 children aged between 6 and 13 years who learn about and critique contemporary art. Kids Vs Art cunningly disrupts our assumptions and pushes the boundaries between artist and audience, expert and critic. How do children perceive contemporary art and what new perspectives can they bring to it?

In Season 2 country kids Monty, Regan, Tilly and Alec give city kids Lola, Finn and Venu (from Season 1) a first hand experience of what it’s like growing up in the rural community of Jugiong, a small village in New South Wales. The kids combine forces to discuss art, culture, interview artists and review performances part of the 2017 Wired Open Day festival and its associated ‘agri(culture)’ project.

A podcast series by Field Theory
Commissioned by Sarah Last, Artistic Director, The Wired Lab for ‘the agri(culture) project’

Featuring Lola, Finn, Venu, Monty, Tilly, Regan, Alec and Sandy

Director Jackson Castiglione
Dramaturge Jason Maling
Sound Editing Camilla Hannan
The Wired Lab Producer Anna Schoo
Production Manager Olivia Bishop
Composition by Robert Jordan

Presented By The Wired Lab
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Season 1 of Kids Vs Art can be found here.

Originally commissioned by the City of Melbourne through Arts House in association with Melbourne Fringe.

Saturday 21st October - Sunday 31st December 2017