Zoe Scoglio

MASS was a ceremonial gathering tracking the revolutionary potential of people, planets and automobiles. Part drive-in, part guided walk MASS circled the human-made mountains of Calder Park Raceway.  A car gazing trip charting deep time, deep space and deep ecology under the full moon.

MASS invited us to consider ourselves as geology in motion – from the metal in our cars to the minerals in our bodies and the iron at our earth’s core.  Made for this era of the Anthropocene, when human activity is threatening the natural order of our world, MASS was a journey that farewelled an obsolete system and speculated about what forces might drive us to action when faced with the potential for our own extinction.

A new work by Zoe Scoglio made in collaboration with;
Sound | Marco Cher-Gibard
Light | Katie Sfetkidis
Producers | Jason Maling + Martyn Coutts (Field Theory)
Production Manager | Nick Coulson.



Thursday 6th August 2015

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