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Site Is Set 2015

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Over four weeks  four artists presented spectacles, intimate exchanges, endurance performances and interventions at Calder Park Raceway, The Eureka Tower, A private home and a Suburban Dance Competition.

Site is Set 2015 was curated by Jason Maling, Lara Thoms, Martyn Coutts and Jackson Castiglione with Producer Anna Schoo.

Mish Grigor | The Talk | A private home

Matt Prest | Running Up a Skyscraper | Eureaka Tower

Zoe Scoglio | Mass | Calder Park Raceway

Jackson Castiglione | Rainbow Leprechaun! | Suburban Dance Competition

Saturday 15th August - Wednesday 30th September 2015

See Site is Set 2016 or 2014

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