Site Is Set 2016

October - December

Site Is Set 2016 will saw a 9000 minute (6.25) durational radio broadcast in the Queen Victoria Market (Field Theory Collective), one-on-one geo-political tarot readings from corporate foyers (Martyn Coutts), unusual art tours at the National Gallery of Victoria (Jess Olivieri) and multi-lingual presentations at the Alliance Française library (Nicola Gunn).

Previously Site Is Set has run during 2015 and 2014 and is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Field Theory | 9000 minutes | Queen Victoria Market

Nicola Gunn | The Interpreters | Alliance Française de Melbourne

Jess Olivieri| Death to The White Horse | NGV

Martyn Coutts | Shell Game | Corporate Foyers

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Monday 17th October - Saturday 3rd December 2016


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