Field Theory and various artists.

Field theory created an experimental funding body to support four projects a year over two years. We invited anyone to support these works by signing up for $100. Subscribers received four gifts in the mail over the year, handmade by the artists, with the assistance of the field theory collective fingers. The money was then split between artists and projects were developed, including:

A Prismatic Audit of a shopping centre by Jason Maling & Torie Nimmervol

A Soap Opera about Space by Willoh S Weiland

Photographs of living Miracles by Deborah Kelly

Field Theory collective created a Democratic Catalogue of 100 ideas for members to choose from.

Paying attention to the publically oversighted, by Peter Burke

A Christmas Island snorkelling tour By Jennifer Jamieson

A Long walk by Sarah Rodigari

A healthy internet series by Jackson Castiglione.

Tuesday 17th August 2010

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