Delta Sierra Juliet

Site-specific mystery

On October 21st 1978, twenty year old trainee pilot Frederick Valentich left Moorabbin airport for King Island in a Cessna 182L. Shortly after 7pm he radioed Melbourne Air Traffic Control, advising that an unknown aircraft was orbiting him. His girlfriend, Rhonda Rushton, was waiting for Fred to take her to a dance, she waited into the night, and slept in her party dress. Fred was never heard of again.   

The further into Frederick’s disappearance one explores, the stranger it becomes. Dossiers reveal detail on disorientation theory, a seance, Fred’s deceptions and recent proposal to his girlfriend on Friday the 13th, conspiracies theories of a governmental cover up, even his birthdate – shared with his mother and twin sisters, does not escape this mystery.

Partnering with the Australian National Aviation Museum (ANAM), Field Theory created an immersive, participatory artwork, taking audiences on a journey into the unexpected story of the Valentich disappearance.

This work was part of the City of Kingston’s ‘Six Moments in Kingston’ project, curated by David Cross and Cameron Bishop, funded by Creative Victoria’s ‘Creative Suburbs’ initiative.

May 18th and 19th, 25th and 26th, 2019

Saturday 18th May - Sunday 26th May 2019
Various Times