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Endurance Broadcasts see Field Theory interrogate a place with the kind of detail you can only get from non-stop surveillance. Part body art, part radio-thon, Field Theory find a contested site and live in it, performing live and broadcasting online all day, and all night.

Up to six artists do not leave the microphone or the site until anything and everything is questioned. Members of the public, special guests and local workers join the conversation as Field Theory get more and more wired as they sleep less and talk more. Non-stop performances have ranged from 24hrs to 6 days straight.

Endurance Broadcasts include:

Focusing on Australia’s biggest and oldest market about to undergo major development in 9000 Minutes

Commemorating a much loved 24hr Italian cafe  in Endless Romantica

and Remembering earthquake effected Lancaster Park Stadium in The Stadium Broadcast.

“9000 Minutes walked the finest of lines between profound respect for the site and its constituents and an incrementally absurd performative entropy.”  – David Cross, Art Monthly

Endurance Broadcast projects are scaleable, site-responsive and require minimal tech. Field Theory design a  broadcast space within the site that attracts locals, whilst people from around the world listen in online.

Sunday 24th February 2019


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