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Who are the our most brutally honest, insightful and funny critics? Kids. Kids vs Art is a podcast series where children are let loose on the world of contemporary art and performance. We’re handing them microphones and asking them to review and respond to the world of contemporary arts. There’ll be interviews with artists, critiques of artworks, with our young broadcasters’ thoughts and musings available to listeners as a podcast series.

Kids Vs Art cunningly disrupts our assumptions and pushes the boundaries between artist and audience, expert and critic. What do children really think about contemporary artistic practice? Do they hate us, or love us? Do we dare to find out?

Directed by Jackson Castiglione and Jason Maling
Presented by Melbourne Fringe and Arts House


Thursday 15th September - Thursday 29th September 2016



Click on the photos above to listen to episodes

Episode #1 Meet the Kids
It’s time to meet the kids – soon to be master reviewers. They discuss big questions such as; do you think a plain white wall is art?

Episode #2 Reviewing 101
The kids imagine what the life of a reviewer would be like, discuss how to manipulate their mums and meet professional newspaper reviewer Mikey Cahill

Episode #3 Visiting an Artist: Robin Fox
The kids visit laser artist Robin Fox in his studio, they think he strikes an uncanny resemblance to Hagrid from Harry Potter.

Episode #4 We launch the Fringe
The kids help to launch the Melbourne Fringe Festival’s 2016 program. They get to drink Coke, dance and teach people how to dab.

Episode #5 Nonsense – 1
The kids take a crash course in contemporary artworks.

Episode #6 Kids Vs Five Cent Cinema
The kids review and discuss Five Cent Cinema produced by Paula van Beek.

Episode #7 Kids Vs Being a Good Person is Bloody Hard Work – with special guest Rinske Ginsberg
The kids review and discuss Being a Good Person is Bloody Hard Work written and performed by Nicole McKenzie and are joined by special guest Rinske Ginsberg. Rinske is a ‘woman about town’ and teaches movement to actors at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Episode #8 Kids Vs Sky Light – with special guest David Cross
The kids review and discuss Sky Light by Robin Fox and are joined by special guest David Cross. David is an artist, writer and lecturer at Deakin University, Melbourne.

Episode #9 Nonsense – 2
The kids take another crash course in contemporary artworks.

Episode #10  Kids Vs Chairman of the Beard – with special guest Nicola Gunn
The kids review Chairman of the Beard by Adam Page and are joined by Nicola Gunn. Nicola is a Melbourne based performer, writer and director.

Episode #11 Kids Vs Blowin’ Up with special guests – Jonathan Holloway & Matthew Lutton
The kids review and discuss Blowin’ Up created and performed by Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden, William McBride and are joined by Jonathan Holloway director of the Melbourne Festival and Matthew Lutton artistic director of the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne.

Episode #12 Kids Vs INFINITUM – with special guest Jane Howard
The kids review and discuss INFINITUM created and performed by Gareth Hart & Rod Price and are joined by Jane Howard freelance arts writer and reviewer regularly contributing to the Guardian Australia.

Episode #13 Kids Vs Circalicious – with special guest Gideon Obarzanek
The kids review and discuss Circalicious by Upswing Arts and are joined by internationally recognised choreographer Gideon Obarzanek.






































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