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An Endurance Broadcast

Lancaster Park stadium in Christchurch, NZ had not been open to the public since the February 2011 earthquakes. The Stadium Broadcast offered Cantabrian’s a chance to once again walk on hallowed turf and deliver whatever they needed to, perhaps a eulogy, a haka, a denunciation or even a version of Tina Turner’s Private Dancer. These small gestures were broadcast to the world for 72 hours nonstop as a tribute to everything that had ever happened on this hallowed field.

Jason Maling, Lara Thoms, Martyn Coutts, Jackson Castiglione and Sarah Rodigari lived in the stadium for 72 hrs, broadcasting live as part of this durational perfromance. We entered the research phase blind – knowing very little about sport or history – and came out with thousands of anecdotes, interviews and stories, acknowledging the grief that comes with the closure of a 130 year old site. We found gossip from the VIP stands, fiascos with sponsorship, stories of  21st birthday parties and Bon Jovi gigs.

Our content ranged from the Springbok tour protests to earthquakes to streaking, nothing was too big or small to talk about.

This project invited Christchurch to pay homage to the ground as it sat in a state of uncertainty between abandonment and demolition. We were interested in finding the narratives that bound people to this unique place as well as providing a platform that asked how those stories might shape the future of the site.

The archive of the entire broadcast was acquired by the Nga Taonga New Zealand sound Archive.

Listen to a radio NZ interview with Jason Maling and Martyn Coutts.

Friday 14th November - Monday 17th November 2014


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